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Universidad de Florida con carreras para estudiar online

Why to study at CUF?

Complete flexibility so that you can study from anywhere and anytime.

Your professional training will be 100% in Spanish. However, our educational offer includes the consolidation of your abilities in the English language, with up to 7 courses during your academic process, which will allow you to communicate professionally and guarantee your professional success. In both the English and Spanish languages.

Personalized virtual sessions provided by tutor teachers.

From day one we solve the student's academic doubts and we provide support at any time.

We are accredited under the Florida Commission for Independent Education, licensed by the state of Florida.

Throughout your academic process you will be able to obtain the following certifications:
- Certificate Program in Psychology Social Programs
- Certificate Program in Counseling Psychology
- Certificate Program in Strategic Management
- Certificate Program in Agile Project Management
- Certificate Program in Statistical Data Analysis
- Certificate Program in Machine Learning

We promote comprehensive skills through our innovative curriculum and different student services: entrepreneurship, leadership, welfare and career development center.

We offer customized consultancy in your search for job opportunities, job interview simulations, advice and optimization of your resume, job bank, among others.

We expand your network of professional contacts beyond borders.

have extensive experience in academic and professional activity, which exceeds 20 years in their area of knowledge, all of our expert teachers have a PHD or a master’s degree in their area of teaching.

Our educational offer includes the consolidation of your English language skills, preparing you for an advanced C1 level (Cambridge) during your academic process, this will allow you to communicate professionally and guarantee your professional success.

As a CUF student you will have the opportunity to attend our academic-business week in Miami and experience the international market and its opportunities first-hand.

Start of Classes: September 3, 2024

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Academic Programs

Continental University of Florida has designed 7 innovative professional careers, which will allow you to prepare for today's world, improve your personal, family and community life project. We offer you continuous challenges in real environments to achieve your learning. Choose what you want to study and let us make your professional dream come true. We have online programs for you that conquer any time and distance:


Official programs, accredited in the USA without mention of online modality.


Affordable prices.


Payment in monthly fees, without interest.


Scholarships of up to 50% (LEARN - LEAD- SERVE).


Preferential discounts for making a full payment for the semester in advance.


Possibility to study from $210 per month by enrolling in a course from your second semester.


Continental University of Florida has designed 6 master's degrees in areas of high demand, for you who are professionals from the US, Latin America, or anywhere in the world. Increase your professional skills by studying in your own language. Our master's degrees will provide you, with their case study methodology and continuous interaction, with the necessary tools and knowledge to be able to function in a challenging, changing, and unpredictable world. We will accompany you along the way with the will to see you succeed as a Master. We have online programs for you that conquer any time and distance:


Official degrees, accredited in the USA without mention of online modality.


Affordable prices.


Payment in monthly fees, without interest.


CUF+ is the denomination of all the short Professional Studies (certifications and diplomas) offered by Continental University of Florida, aimed at people who work and want to develop new skills to improve their performance or take on a new role.


Executive format 100% Virtual.


Modular Education.


International Certifications.


Certification with Harvard University (Harvard ManageMentor).


Our CUF Professors

  • Our 150 teaching experts have mostly extensive experience in academic and professional activity, which exceeds 20 years in their area of knowledge.
  • They work committed to making learning and training in CUF relevant and memorable, making it a competitive and differential tool for the demands of today's world.
Jayro-Reynales (1)-1
Jairo Reynales
Physician-Surgeon, Master and current candidate for Doctor in Public Health. Advisor to the presidency of the Social Security Institute in Colombia.
Maria Cardinale
MSc. in Management Sciences with more than 15 years of experience in implementation and maintenance of Integrated Management Systems.
Carlos Rojas
Computer engineer and MBA. With more than 12 years of experience in cloud computing and digital innovation in +15 countries.
Juan-Pablo-Labra (1)-1
Juan Pablo Labra
Executive MBA, with experience in Business Transformation. Experienced Strategic Storytelling and Design Thinking teacher.

Professor’s testimonies

"I feel very honored and committed to the vision and institutional mission of the CUF; the same one that is projected in each one of the deployments towards the students, professors, and staff members in general. In this way, and in terms of professional training, we intend to generate a truly memorable experience for our students who are interested in learning with a selected group of professors and researchers. I am fully convinced that we are all in the right place to have a great university experience!"
Iván Montes Iturrizaga
"Being a higher education professor has drastically changed my understanding of education for the future. I believe that, in these days, the key is to make students learn to learn in scenarios that perhaps none of us know yet, it is no longer about transmitting knowledge, it is about guiding them so that they obtain the ability to generate knowledge all the time. At CUF I have found this same line of thought and I am very pleased to be part of your teaching team."
Jose Carlos Machicao Valencia
"It is an honor for me to have been invited to participate in this new project. I will have the opportunity to share my knowledge and experience acquired throughout my professional career in various fields in which I have worked. It is always encouraging to start a new experience with a group of students who are excited about their professional future."
Guillermo Zevallos
"Being part of the excellent teaching team of the Continental University of Florida (CUF), in addition to representing a challenge, becomes a shared intellectual adventure that is enjoyed from various perspectives. Go hand in hand with the administrative and technical team of the CUF whose joint objective is to achieve high quality programs; taking care of both the simplest and most relevant details to ensure appropriate and updated teaching content, offer new ideas and educational opportunities and improve teaching methodology."
Yudith Curimoto Cardinale Villareal
"Accompanying undergraduate and postgraduate students in training has been extremely gratifying for me. In addition, being able to manage spaces where we can think and rethink theories to execute it in practice according to the reality of each client is something I’m passionate about. Inhabiting spaces where learning is meaningful is vital for the transformation of paradigms and CUF methodology allows me to enjoy my vocation of service and teaching based on modern education, full of professional and personal challenges. We are in the right place at the right time."
Angela María Otazú López
Master in Educational Management, Technological University of Peru (PER)