Committed to your education

Consultations with our professional development center

We build a permanent and close connection with each of our students, after recognizing their individual needs and goals. We adapt to you and offer you the best university experience.

CUF's services ensure success in your professional path. Our team promotes comprehensive development and learning, as well as encourages community participation, promoting diversity and activities where students share their knowledge and experiences.

Career Development Center

Our career development center will provide you with specialized advice in your search for job opportunities. We offer workshops, activities, and programs on employability.

Job bank
Job bank
Job interview simulators
Online advisor
Business links
Job fair
AI tool for resume optimization

Wellness center

We have specialized professionals for counseling sessions on issues of time management, career guidance, anxiety management and wellness seminars.

Virtual library

Our students have access to an extensive virtual library and digital resources that allow them to discover, investigate and acquire knowledge on various themes.

Lead + Serve Services

Our services are a bridge of experiences and opportunities to fulfill your professional and life goals between the US and Latin America. Develop high-value skills, access and undertake in the industries with the greatest projection and positive impact in the world with:

Business Entrepreneurship

We promote new and existing ventures; we provide our students with resources and tools that allow them to generate and exchange innovative ideas that can later be implemented with the support of our incubator.


Our Leadership Center is a space in which training processes are carried out, through talents and skills enhancement, with the aim of achieving your personal, family’s and business’s development.