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Continental University of Florida has been authorized to provide education at the university level by the Florida Commission for Independent Education.

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For your diploma to be valid in Latin America, you must complete the Apostille procedure, this procedure is a simplified form of legalization and recognition of documents that applies in the countries that signed the Hague Convention on October 5, 1961. The apostille or apostille seal may vary in design, size, or color between countries.
Yes, I can Validate/Apostille my diploma This procedure must be completed at the end of undergraduate and graduate studies; the requirements vary according to each country. The basic requirements:
  1. Identification
  2. University degree diploma issued
  3. Translation into Spanish of the documents and their respective seals


At CUF we create a personalized, flexible, and dynamic learning ecosystem through our virtual campus, which is the global electronic portal, used as an access point to the online educational system. We provide the opportunity to obtain a degree from the United States, without the need to move or the need of a student visa. Our online platform allows each student to personalize the university experience according to their lifestyle, under the permanent accompaniment of teachers, advisers, tutors and counselors.
Yes, all Continental University of Florida programs are 100% online.
Yes, your professional training (courses corresponding to your career or program) will be taught entirely in Spanish. On the other hand, as part of our Continental Vision and our commitment to your professional success in the US and Latin America, our educational offer includes the consolidation of your skills in the English language, offering you three courses that will allow you to communicate professionally. If necessary, the program includes up to four remedial courses in English to provide you with the structured skills that will guarantee your success.
At CUF we provide tutoring services, which can be requested directly by the student or proposed by the tutor based on the academic situation of each student. The tutoring services consist of personalized virtual sessions of the tutor teacher and student.
  • As a CUF student you will have a personalized advisor who will accompany you on your growth path and help when you need it. From day one, you will receive full support and accompaniment.
  • Additionally, we have training tools such as tutorials, available on the learning platform and guidance for you to achieve success in the online program. You will thus develop functional skills for the use of the learning platform, time management, self-learning management and collaborative learning.
Virtual Campus:
Platform specially created for remote teaching education.
Information Hub:
Digital books, magazines and scientific articles that focus on each of the programs offered by CUF that contribute to student learning.


  • Orientation week: Different activities, dynamics and virtual events are carried out aimed at consolidating the process of adaptation and integration of the student (platform use / other activities)
  • CUF Empowerment: Introductory sessions where students are informed and provided with the necessary tools so that they can be empowered in their actions so that they can perform properly when starting their classes.
A true 100% virtual learning allows total flexibility to study anywhere and at any time and is adapted to the personal, family and professional needs of the students.
Online classes have the same academic rigor as a face-to-face class, with the advantage that you can take them at your own pace.
No, this is true since the model is asynchronous and you choose the hours that best fit your life and your activities, as well as the time to participate and do tasks. You will only have to find the time that best suits your day to day.
Yes, as an undergraduate or postgraduate student you will have live classes once a week where you can clarify doubts or direct consultations with your teachers. All classes will be recorded and you will be able to access the recordings on your virtual campus.
Yes, Continental University of Florida offers various spaces for collaboration and integration, where students share relevant knowledge and experiences.


The payment of the academic period must be made monthly on the 1st day of each month.
In CUF, you will find payment alternatives such as: Credit or debit cards, Deposit to account / bank transfer.
We have a variety of scholarships that fit your needs. See more details at:


The technical requirements that your computer equipment must have for the proper functioning of the virtual classroom platform are:
  • Intel Core i3 processor or higher.
  • Memory (RAM) 2 GB or more.
  • Internet connection Broadband 1 Mb or higher.
  • Internet browser Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari 6 (latest version), or Internet Explorer 9 (or higher).
Having a webcam and microphone is optional; however, they are computer equipment used in certain synchronous activities and guarantee better interaction with the teacher and fellow students.


That depends on your specific situation and how many courses you take throughout the academic year. In general, a bachelor's degree program usually takes about 4 years to be completed, and a master's degree program usually takes 18 months to be completed. However, you can speed up your process by completing a greater number of credits per semester.
Yes, you can attend CUF from anywhere in the world, since we provide a global online education.
The degree diploma will not say "online", the study modality will not be mentioned.The degree diploma will be issued in English, but if the student requires it in Spanish, it may be provided in that language.


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