Major in Business Management

Learn to apply business strategies in changing and complex environments. Be a professional who uses innovative methods to manage and develops businesses while creating value.


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Next start date: January 8

Completely online program

Program duration: 4 years - 120 credits

Investment: $140 per credit

All courses are taught 100% in Spanish

Credential issued Bachelor’s in Business Management

Program Differentiation

Deepens into the analytical component to train professionals capable of leading businesses in the context of the fourth industrial revolution of technology, innovation, and entrepreneurship.

Provides advanced skills to function in any business field and achieve current business management.

Teaches the implementation of sustainable strategies applied to the specific needs of the real market.

Develops strong management and value creation skills.

Develops leadership and teamwork skills, innovation, negotiation, and management.

Trains in current contexts that contemplate the diversity and characteristics of global and local society.

Certificate Program in Basic Management Skills

Semestre 1 - Introduction to anthropology and appreciation of diversity
Semestre 1 - Leadership and Teamwork
Semestre 3 - Sociology, glocal citizenship and social responsibility.
Semestre 5 - Inferential Statistics
Semestre 5 - Negotiation
Semestre 5 - Innovation methodologies and tools

Strategic Basic Management

Semestre 4 - Detection of strategic opportunities
Semestre 8 - Principles and strategies for continuous improvement
Semestre 10 - Strategy evaluation
Semestre 11 - Strategic design

Agile Projec Management

Semestre 5 - Innovation methodologies and tools
Semestre 8 - Agile methodologies
Semestre 11 - Agility Applied to Companies
Semestre 12 - Agile project management

Institutional Differentiation

Online Experience

We offer an online education of the highest level of quality; our modality offers you support in your learning process and overcome the barriers of time and distance.

Integral Wellness

We go side by side with our students so that they achieve personal and professional success, improving their, their families’ and their communities’ conditions and economic opportunities.

Educational Excellence

Our educational model is autonomous, modern, active, enterprising, innovative, and based on practical cases.

Continuous Growth

Our future graduates will be able to acquire the skills that will allow them to perform competently in their profession, with the mindset and willingness to continue their growth.


Research Areas

  • Business Generation and Strategies
  • Human Resources Management
  • Marketing
  • Business Models
  • Value Proposals
  • Management Indicators
  • Business Intelligence
  • Innovation

Applicant Profile

Our applicants have the following characteristics to start their studies:

  • Willingness and autonomy to meet the requirements of virtual education.
  • Interest and affinity for business and the corporate world.
  • Ability to organize, direct, analyze, lead, plan, and work as a team.
  • Technological skills.

What skills and abilities will you gain?

  • You will design and manage sustainable business processes through continuous improvement in global environments to generate and increase value.
  • You will minimize environmental risks by managing business decision-making and applying appropriate and innovative quantitative and computational methods.
  • You will improve the performance of management indicators by formulating and managing strategies in the business operating cycle, aligned with the objectives.
  • You will generate value by identifying and applying various innovation methodologies in the business development process.
  • To achieve these skills and abilities, you will learn key elements in the field such as HR management, logistics and operational resource management, as well as the financial management of institutions, and processes for evaluating strategies.


Know some of the relevant subjects of the career:

ADM 102

Learn to design and manage sustainable business processes through continuous improvement. Study the identification and evaluation of key processes within a company.

STR 213

Study business processes, business decisions, business strategies, business management and development, and business agility.

BDM 304

Study opportunities to launch innovative businesses through various innovation tools and methodologies.

BDS 304

Master concepts and techniques for the development and execution of the strategy. In addition, to trace the direction of a company, assessment of resources, capabilities, and competitiveness of a company.

BDS 404

Research, design and apply strategies using inferential statistical and forecasting methods to offer relevant and accurate information for decision making.

Certification and international validity

Your degree will be issued in the US and in English without mentioning the "online" study modality. In case the student requires it in Spanish, it can be provided in that language. It will be valid to validate or apostille in Latin America.


What job opportunities will you have when you graduate from the Business Management undergraduate program?

As a graduate, you will be able to apply business strategies in changing and complex environments to manage and develop businesses using innovation methodologies, processes, and continuous improvement.

Positions you can work at:

  • Finance leader
  • Sales leader
  • Project management leader
  • HR leader

Average Salary – USA
$ 50,826 (annually)

Average Salary – Florida
$ 47,871 (annually)

Labor market growth by 2028 – Florida

Job openings in 2028 – Florida
Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics United States.

Meet your professors

Miguel Capuñay Reátegui
Bachelor of International Law at kyiv State University
Master of International Law at kyiv State University
Master of Education at Andrés Bello University
Doctorate in Economics at University of Buenos Aires
Jeff Felipa
Master in Business Administration, INCAE Business School (NIC)
Master in TICs Direction - Universidad of Piura (PER)
Bachelor's Degree in Systems Engineering, Federico Villarreal National University (PER)

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