Master of Data science

If you need to master knowledge, information and understanding of data in your work performance, the Master’s in Data Sciences offers you to develop skills to process and manage data to make intelligent decisions in any type of environment, under uncertainty and complexity, many times beyond human capacity. The program develops the ability to use algorithms to analyze, model, and predict outcomes, including human activities, facilitating decision-making for individuals and organizations. It includes workshops for specific applications such as image and natural language processing, and other applications.


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Start date: May 6

Modality: 100% virtual

Duration: 14 months

Investment: $180 per credit

Courses 100% in Spanish

Degree: Master’s in Data Science

Program Differentiation

Guides the present and the future for the resolution and analysis of multidisciplinary data problems.

Proposes formation for any professional of any specialty.

Develops skills in: Organizational Digitization, Intelligence and data analysis, Organizational Cultural and learning management, Innovation and Intellectual Capital Management, Decision Making and Innovative Behavior.

Deepens and applies the use and processing of data for making decisions according to the business needs and that of companies.

Institutional Differentiation

Online Experience

We offer an online education of the highest level of quality; our modality offers you support in your learning process and overcomes the barriers of time and distance.

Integral Wellness

We go side by side with our students so that they achieve personal and professional success, improving their families' and their communities' conditions and economic opportunities.

Educational Excellence

Our educational model is autonomous, modern, active, enterprising, innovative, and based on practical cases.

Continuous Growth

Our future graduates will be able to acquire the skills that will allow them to perform competently in their profession, with the mindset and willingness to continue their growth.


Research Areas

  • Data Analysis
  • Visualization
  • Machine Learning
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Innovation
  • Ethics

Applicant Profile

Our applicants have the following characteristics to start his studies:

  • Applicants have bachelor’s credentials from different disciplines who requires the management and analysis of data processing, with experience in foundations in mathematics, computing and statistics. Aimed at achieving the formulation or solution of theoretical or applied problems through the physical representation of information, its processing, analysis and visualization.

What skills and abilities will you gain?

  • You will contribute to the design, implementation, monitoring, coordination of teams, innovation and improvement of data, information, knowledge and intelligent systems.
  • You will master the appropriate conceptual bases to support decisions that improve the performance of real systems.
  • You will apply data knowledge covering all phases of analysis in all types of data sources and at all scales.
  • You will master the tools to use data processing to make intelligent decisions, including data communication and visualization.


Know some of the relevant subjects of the Master’s:

CSC 504

Learn about the general issues around data science, reviewing the environments and technologies involved and the main challenges facing cognitive, knowledge, information and data systems, in terms of types, sources, scale and processing.

CSC 524

Learn the basics of data: sources, quality, structure, size, formats, and how they relate to real-world applications.

CSC 555

Master the basics of statistics; different types of data; dispersion and position metrics; calculation of measures of central tendency, asymmetry and variability; distributions; calculate correlation and covariance.

CSC 617

Study the application of algorithms for automated learning, covering supervised and unsupervised learning. Algorithm modeling process is studied, staring with the preparation of the data, the specific engineering, and the details before and after its implementation. Develop the use of computational tools using real-world examples.

Certification and international validity

Your degree will be issued in the US and in English without mentioning the "online" study modality. In case the student requires it in Spanish, it can be provided in that language. It will be valid to validate or apostille in Latin America.

What job opportunities will you have when you graduate from the Master of Data Science?

As a graduate, you will be prepared to contribute to or lead projects for the design and implementation of data management, architectures and models based on data in all the diversity of organizational systems and in any field or specialty.

The positions you can work at are:

Software Developer
$ 89,805 (annually)
15.5% Growth
Data Science Project Leader
$ 85,098 (annually)
14.1% Growth
Scientist/ Biochemist
$ 66,822 (annually)
13.5% Growth
Business Intelligence
$ 90,952 (annually)
14.1% Growth
Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics United States.

Meet your professors

José Machicao
Docente asignatura: Data, Information and Knowledge Ecosystem Linkedin
Bachelor's degree in Engineering, Pontifical Catholic University of Peru (PER)
Yudith Coromoto Cardinale Villarreal
Docente asignatura: Data Analysis Linkedin
Maestría en Ciencias de la Computación - Universidad Simón Bolívar (VEN)
Bachiller, Ingeniería de Computación, Universidad Centro-Occidental Lisandro Alvarado (VEN)

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Flexibility in your studies

In a period of 4 years, you will be able to fulfill your professional dream and develop yourself in what you want, based on your abilities and effort at a rate of up to two courses per bimester taken under your time availability. CUF allows you, depending on your dedication and outstanding performance, to speed your training. We will be with you along the way with the desire to see you succeed.