Continental University
Online Experience

The best online experience for our users

We create a personalized, flexible, and dynamic learning ecosystem through our virtual campus.

Additionally, we have our LIRN platform as an electronic resource tool that will serve as bibliographic and research support for your academic work.

How is our online experience?

We have a dynamic, easily accessible platform that allows students to receive their classes in a safe and professional environment.

All users can interact with the platform, no matter where they are, asynchronously, participating in activities in which it is not necessary for all participants to be present or connected at the same time.

What is our online experience like?

Our programs are designed to provide the student with a linear progressive learning system, organized on the platform, which includes:


Multimedia material and digital resources


Learning Activities and Assessments


Consulting and advisory periods


Chat rooms


Information hub
Virtual library


Participation in forums

CUF Orientation and Networking Week 

What is integration week?

It’s a week where different activities, dynamics and virtual events will be carried out aimed at consolidating the process of adaptation and integration of the student as well as promoting networking between them.

How does the integration take place?

Within the KIT, students receive a personalized map where synchronous and asynchronous activities are carried out so that they can integrate with their classmates, with their teachers, and with their Student Success Manager. During the sessions, students introduce themselves to their future classmates, groups are formed to face their first challenges as a team in a playful way; they meets their teachers as well as their Student Success Manager, among others.


We will always be by your side


As a CUF student you will have a personalized advisor who will accompany you on your growth path and will provide you with help when you need it.


We provide tutoring services, which can be requested directly by the student or proposed by the tutor (Proffesor).


We have training and guidance tools available on the learning platform for you to achieve success in the online program.