Master of Business Administration

As the world evolves, the needs of the labor market also evolve; therefore, obtaining this Master of Business Management will allow you to be an outstanding and valued professional. With your professional growth you will be able to successfully apply to mid-level and senior management positions in public and private industries, as well as independently, with a focus on strategic and financial management, innovation, entrepreneurship, and digital transformation.


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Start date: May 6

Modality: 100% virtual

Duration: 18 months

Investment: $190 per credit

Courses 100% in Spanish

Degree: Master of Business Administration

Program Differentiation

Develops strong innovation, strategy, and leadership skills, preparing highly qualified professionals to lead any business industry.

Professionally prepares to assume a volatile, unpredictable, complex, and ambiguous business environment.

Develops transformative leaders who are aware of the current context to manage and direct functional and strategic processes that lead to change.

Develops skills in: Organizational Digitization, Intelligence and data analysis, Organizational Cultural and learning management, Innovation and Management of Intellectual Capital, Decision making and Innovative behavior.

Institutional Differentiation

Online Experience

We offer an online education of the highest level of quality; our modality offers you support in your learning process and overcomes the barriers of time and distance.

Integral Wellness

We go side by side with our students so that they achieve personal and professional success, improving their families' and their communities' conditions and economic opportunities.

Educational Excellence

Our educational model is autonomous, modern, active, enterprising, innovative, and based on practical cases.

Continuous Growth

Our future graduates will be able to acquire the skills that will allow them to perform competently in their profession, with the mindset and willingness to continue their growth.


Research Areas

  • Innovation and Intellectual Capital
  • Digital Transformation
  • Change Management and Leadership
  • Innovative Behavior
  • Strategic Management
  • Crisis Management

Applicant Profile

Our applicants have the following characteristics to start their studies:

  • Applicants have bachelor’s credentials from different disciplines with an interest in developing their profile in senior management and organizational management.

What skills and abilities will you gain?

  • Management of Financial Resources and Behavioral Economics
  • Operations and Processes Management
  • Strategic Marketing and Sales Management
  • Strategic and Organizational Management.


Know some of the relevant subjects of the Master’s:

ADM 533

This course allows you to formulate the vision and mission of a company, internal and external analysis, industrial analysis, strategic objectives, design, and selection of strategies, as well as their implementation and subsequent control.

ADM 603

Crisis management to formulate crisis prevention and management plan to implement during organizational instabilities. It provides the tools to address the main risks and what they entail. In addition, crises are evaluated in the international context, the types of crises, their stages, and the development of a prevention plan, as well as its subsequent monitoring and respective communications, necessary to execute it.

LOG 615

This course presents the basic concepts of the supply chain, its importance in the competitiveness of the organization and the techniques available for its optimal design. Topics such as the concepts of the supply chain, its methodology, the measurement of its behavior, its management, storage and handling of materials, packaging and distribution are covered.

MKT 604

The courses present the ecosystem of social networks and develop the most applicable solutions for a national situation. Develops content strategy, brand management, consumer service and network advertising, to achieve the objectives. In the same way, it presents concepts, applications, and the relevance of digital analytics, with a fundamental tool in the permanent optimization of digital marketing strategies, using platforms available in the market.

Certification and international validity

Your degree will be issued in the US and in English without mentioning the "online" study modality. In case the student requires it in Spanish, it can be provided in that language. It will be valid to validate or apostille in Latin America.


What job opportunities will you have when you graduate from the Master of Business Administration course?

As a Master’s graduate you will be prepared to work in a variety of industries, including business, marketing, communications, finance, and human resources.

Positions you can work at:

Marketing manager
$ 71,691 (annual)
Growth 25.0%
Gerente de Finanzas
$ 67,113 (annual)
Growth 20.4%
Human resources manager
$ 69,873 (annual)
Growth 12.9%
Information technology or IT manager
$ 65,000 (annual)
Growth 14.9%
Management consultant
$ 103,000 (annual)
Growth 14.5%
Data analyst
$ 57,604 (annual)
Growth 17.8%
Product manager
$ 90,778 (annual)
Growth 14.9%
Business operations manager
$ 70,756 (annual)
Growth 13.2%
Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics United States.

Meet your professors

Frida Marticorena Quevedo
Teaching subject: Organizational, Cultural and Learning Management Linkedin
Master en Administración de Negocios EADA Business School en España (ESP)
Bachiller en Psicología Social, Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú (PER)
Diego Helfer Rodríguez
Organizational Digitalization
Gerente de Operaciones - SEIDOR
Maestría en Administración de Negocios Estratégicos, CENTRUM – Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú (PER)
Bachiller en Ingeniería de Sistema, Universidad de Lima (PER)

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Flexibility in your studies

In a period of 4 years, you will be able to fulfill your professional dream and develop yourself in what you want, based on your abilities and effort at a rate of up to two courses per bimester taken under your time availability. CUF allows you, depending on your dedication and outstanding performance, to speed your training. We will be with you along the way with the desire to see you succeed.