Undergraduate in Computer Science

Be a professional with mastery of different technologies to offer solutions to the business and public environment with ethical values and responsible work. Therefore, you will receive constant updating of knowledge in new technologies, models, techniques, and tools through international certifications.


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Next start date: March 6

Completely online program

Issued Credential: Bachelor of Science

Program duration: 120 credits

All courses are taught 100% in Spanish

Credential issued Bachelor’s in Computer Science

Program Differentiation

Provides the tools to improve the performance of organizations.

Develops leadership and teamwork skills, innovation, negotiation, and management.

Develops Data Management, Machine Learning and Data Mining skills.

Develops skills to achieve comprehensive solutions to business areas in an ethical and responsible manner through computerized systems.

Trains in current contexts that contemplate the diversity and characteristics of global and local society..

Institutional Differentiation

Online Experience

We offer an online education of the highest level of quality; our modality offers you support in your learning process and overcomes the barriers of time and distance.

Integral Wellness

We go side by side with our students so that they achieve personal and professional success, improving their families' and their communities' conditions and economic opportunities.

Educational Excellence

Our educational model is autonomous, modern, active, enterprising, innovative, and based on practical cases.

Continuous Growth

Our future graduates will be able to acquire the skills that will allow them to perform competently in their profession, with the mentality and willingness to continue their growth.


Research areas

  • Programming
  • Database Management
  • Digital Design
  • Software Engineering
  • Information Security
  • Operating Systems

Applicant Profile

Our applicants have the following characteristics to start their studies:

  • Willingness and autonomy to meet the requirements of virtual education
  • Interest in solving problems through the use of mathematics and computing
  • Skills and interest for abstract analysis and the development of algorithmic processes

What skills and abilities will you gain?

  • You will design computer systems using computer programming through the development and analysis of algorithms.
  • You will manage information efficiently.
  • You will implement adequate tools to provide integrated solutions.
  • You will manage and maintain information security and data integrity, applying security concepts and safeguards.
  • You will assure the reliability, availability and integrity of critical and sensitive information of organizations, according to the demands of the individual, social and business environment.


Know some of the relevant subjects of the career:

DAT 203

Study data representation, static data structure: one-dimensional layout (vector) and one-dimensional layout (matrix) and dynamic data structure.

PME 303

Learn about lifecycle processes to select and manage large-scale projects to ensure successful completion.

SWE 303

Master Software Lifecycle Models, Project Management, Software Development Methods, Software Tools for Team Software Engineering and Quality Assurance, and Lifecycle Phases: Requirements capture, design, etc.

CSC 324

Learn programming and analysis concepts at the embedded microprocessor system level.

AIL 403

Learn about modern approaches to artificial intelligence. Includes: general troubleshooting, technicians behind DeepBlue and AlphaGo.

SWE 424

Study project management, risk management, configuration management, quality management, and simulated project management experiences.

Certification and international validity

Your degree will be issued in the US and in English without mentioning the "online" study modality. In case the student requires it in Spanish, it can be provided in that language. It will be valid to validate or apostille in Latin America.


What job opportunities will you have when you graduate from the Computer Science undergraduate degree program?

Graduates of this program will master the use of modern computational tools and techniques to offer technological solutions to complex problems in dynamic and competitive environments. This program enhances your skills and knowledge to compete with various professionals.

The positions you can work at are:

  • Innovation leader
  • Information technology leader
  • Database developer
  • IT leader

Average Salary – USA
$ 50,568 (annually)

Average Salary – Florida
$ 49,151 (annually)

Labor market growth to 2028 – Florida

Job openings to 2028 – Florida
Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics United States.

Meet your professors

Yudith Coromoto Cardinale Villarreal
Valencian International University
Master’s in Computer Science - Universidad Simón Bolívar (VEN)
Elena Sonia Espinoza Ríos
Consultora y Docente Universitaria Linkedin
Máster en Tecnologías de la Información, Universidad ESAN (PE)
Bachiller en Ingeniería de Sistemas, Universidad Peruana de Ciencias Aplicadas

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Flexibility in your studies

In a period of 4 years, you will be able to fulfill your professional dream and develop yourself in what you want, based on your abilities and effort at a rate of up to two courses per bimester taken under your time availability. CUF allows you, depending on your dedication and outstanding performance, to speed your training. We will be with you along the way with the desire to see you succeed.