Undergraduate in Construction Management

Be able to manage competitive, innovative, and sustainability-oriented projects. Be a professional with ethics and responsibility to succeed in the construction industry.


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Next start date: May 8


Completely online program


Issued Credential: Bachelor of Science


Program duration: 120 credits


All courses are taught 100% in Spanish


Credential issued Bachelor’s in Construction Management

Program Differentiation

It has interdisciplinary components that generate a high connection between civil engineering, construction and management, allowing the graduate to be the fundamental piece between construction itself and project management, from the understanding of engineering.

Develop leadership and teamwork, innovation, negotiation and management skills.

Trains in current contexts that contemplate the diversity and characteristics of global and local society.

It provides the necessary knowledge to manage construction works, but also the relevant skills to manage any business.

Institutional Differentiation

Online Experience

We offer an online education of the highest level of quality; our modality offers you support in your learning process and overcome the barriers of time and distance.

Integral Wellness

We go side by side with our students so that they achieve personal and professional success, improving their, their families’ and their communities’ conditions and economic opportunities.

Educational Excellence

Our educational model is autonomous, modern, active, enterprising, innovative, and based on practical cases.

Continuous Growth

Our future graduates will be able to acquire the skills that will allow them to perform competently in their profession, with the mentality and willingness to continue their growth.


Research Areas

  • Building Planning and Management
  • Innovation in Construction
  • BIM
  • Construction Contracts
  • Civil Projects

Applicant Profile

Our applicants have the following characteristics to start their studies:

  • Willingness and autonomy to meet the requirements of virtual education
  • Interest in the construction sector and in acquiring skills for project management
  • Computer skills, management, production, reasoning and analysis

What skills and abilities will you gain?

  • You will know and manage the standards and problems of civil engineering and construction.
  • You will make the right management decisions.
  • You will prepare, implement, and evaluate construction management projects, with innovative and sustainable alternatives oriented to the client and the success of the project.
  • You will communicate and negotiate.
  • You will participate in a construction project from development to execution.
  • With these skills you will be able to focus your knowledge to supervise civil projects, construction engineering and construction management, in direct connection with architects, civil engineers and other professionals involved in the project.


Know some of the relevant subjects of the career:

CMT 102

Understand the characteristics of the construction industry; the types of companies, contracts, people involved in a project, their responsibilities, and interrelationships; ethical conduct; evolution of a project; interpret working drawings; construction bonds; contractual documents and other relevant aspects of the profession.

CAD 133

Includes 2D and 3D plans, basic tools to start any construction process.

CMT 213

Master the basics of surveying, including distance measurement, corrections, leveling, angle and direction measurement, cross-fitting, volumes, area and cross-section calculations, and error theory.

CMT 323 and CMT 324

Learn to determine the required quantities of building materials; quantify various types of foundation systems, structural systems, and associated construction systems; as well as interpret the contracts referring to the different projects and construction materials.

CMT 436

Learn the techniques used in the development and management of BIM models with an emphasis on constructability and management, acquiring the necessary tools to manage and control the construction project, as well as making models and predictions based on the proposed plans, specifications, and contracts.

Certification and international validity

Your degree will be issued in the US and in English without mentioning the "online" study modality. In case the student requires it in Spanish, it can be provided in that language. It will be valid to validate or apostille in Latin America.


What job opportunities will you have when you graduate from the Construction Management undergraduate program?

As a graduate, you will be able to perform professionally in private companies or public sectors specialized in the construction industry. In addition, you will be prepared to compete for positions in construction planning and management, construction safety and health, preparation, execution and delivery of construction projects, quality, procurement, production and contracting in construction-related projects and infrastructure.

The positions you can work at:

  • Operational leader
  • Process management leader
  • Builder
  • Project management leader

Average Salary – USA
$ 65,416 (annually)

Average Salary – Florida
$ 60,809 (annually)

Labor market growth to 2028 – Florida

Job openings to 2028 – Florida
Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics United States.

Meet your professors

Guillermo Zevallos Rospigliosi
Independent Consultant
Civil Engineering and University Teaching
Master of Science in Engineering Degree - The University of Texas at Austin (USA)
Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering Degree - Pontificia Universidad Católica del Peru (PER)
Andres Sotil Chavez
Academic Director
Continental University of Florida
PhD of Civil Engineering at Arizona State University (USA)
Master of Civil Engineering at Arizona State University (USA)
Bachelor of Civil Engineering at Arizona State University (USA)
Carlo Alexis Vega Pereda
Project manager
Flesan Group
MBA - University of Quebec at Montreal (CA)
Bachelor of Civil Engineering at the Peruvian University of Applied Sciences (PE)

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Flexibility in your studies

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